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Once your contract has been signed you have a slip. For returning customers, you will be able to keep your same slip from last season. If you would like to switch to a different slip, you may reach out by email to request a different slip-but you still want to sign the contract first. Once all returning slip renters have paid by the deadline- January 31- slips will start being assigned after this point. In the spring, we will be mailing out your slip number that is printed on a decal. You will then need to place the slip decal pass on the starboard (drivers) side of your boat, to the LEFT of your ND registration numbers. Please cover old passes with the current one. All boats and watercraft MUST display these decals in order to maintain a spot in the marina. If you have not provided us with your boat VIN, please make that a priority at this time which you may do on your dockwa account or send an email with this information. Keep in mind that if your boat is in the marina, it needs to be decaled, or it will be towed at the owner’s expense. You may purchase replacement decals for $25.00 if necessary.


Marina Bay is a private marina and offers limited trailer storage at a cost of $200 per boat trailer and $100 per jet ski trailer- per season. Any trailers parked in this marina must have a trailer pass. Trailer passes will be included in the mail with your boat slip decal if you paid to leave your trailer in the marina for the season. All trailers left in the marina must be stickered or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. We can not store trailers in the Southport marina due to lack of room- they will be stored at Marina Bay as well.


The boat ramps in Marina Bay and Southport are to be used only for loading and unloading the vessel you have slipped in the marina. Use of the ramps is not permitted for any additional watercraft you may own (ie: personal watercraft or fishing boats).

There are maps located on this website to navigate where the slips are.

Also, you can visit us on Facebook (Marina Bay slip members or Southport Slip members) for important updates.

Please remember to be considerate of your marina and slip neighbors!


Thank you and see you on the water!!

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